Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

Four major players from BMW’s i team jump ship for Chinese startup

We can say that many of these boring news about personnel changes are often precursors and signs of future events. And these latest developments from Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal suggest that they both report four key BMW i team members who are jumping from a ship for a new Chinese startup.

This may mean not only accelerating the wars with electric cars, but also that there is great potential with what this Chinese startup does, if this is enough to persuade the guys who helped BMW to launch and develop the i3 and i8.

These are Dirk Abendrot, Benoit Jacob, and Henrik Wenders, who joined Carsten Brightfeld in a new job at Future Mobility Corp.

Brightfeld previously worked for BMW, who left the post of CEO of Future Mobility Corp. last month. The company supports the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

Abendrot will become vice president of software and communications, Jacob will serve as vice president of design, and Wenders will be vice president of marketing.

Adding to the story is the fact that BMW, unfortunately, reported a sharp decline in sales of the BMW i3 and i8 in the first quarter of this year, and with these numbers jumping from the ship, it seems that the BMW i program has started a blast. Most often, people also move around the auto industry, depending on which company believes that they have more opportunities.

So can this mean that the BMW i program is significantly losing steam, for the worse?

-Jack Wilson

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