This is what the new BMW X7 flagship SUV could look like

This is what the new BMW X7 flagship SUV could look like

BMW is working on a flagship crossover SUV, which is by far the most complete opposite of what BMW really should be. However, the X5, X3 and other brothers and sisters in the lineup turned out to be custodians and a source of money for the Bavarian automaker.

Since we know that SUV crossovers are now the hottest, BMW, unsurprisingly, decided to make a larger flagship crossover, which is likely to be the X7. Such an SUV will basically be an extended X5 with the desire to compete with such as the Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz GLS.

It is expected that the upcoming X7 will get its structure from BMW’s new modular platform called CLAR or Cluster Architecture. This same CLAR platform will also underlie the next-generation X5 and currently provides the latest 7th series.

Nevertheless, we can expect the same use of engines in the X7 as in the 7th series, while rumors do not exclude the possibility that the X7 will receive a powerful V12 from the 760. Most likely, this will be an attempt to convince Bentley Bentayga W12 customers. offering a luxury SUV with a 12-cylinder engine for a lower price.

And no matter how much we laugh at SUV crossovers, the influx of 12-cylinder crossovers definitely sounds pretty cute, because, you know, something with a 12-cylinder engine should be kind of cool, because something with the V12 right away .

If everything works out as expected, the X7 should be here by the end of the decade.

-Jack Wilson

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