Audi’s “connected mobility concept” comes with an electrified longboard

Audi’s “connected mobility concept” comes with an electrified longboard

At the moment, Audi is doing everything from trying to improve its electric cars and hybrid options, to autonomous technologies, and now from automotive communications.

The last concept of Ingolstadt is not so much a real car as a technological concept, which starts with the Audi Q3 and longboard. But this is not just a longboard, but an electrified “multifunctional” longboard … whatever that means.

OK, what does that mean?

This means that the Audi Q3 “connected mobility concept” comes with a long electric-powered side, so it can reach speeds of up to 18.6 mph. There are even retractable handlebars to make it a scooter. Distance is estimated at 7.4 miles.

This longboard can be stored in the rear wing in a sliding compartment such as James Bond, where you can also charge the board. I remind you that the smart part is that there are not so many deviations from the rather typical Audi Q3 crossover, because it disappears in the rear bumper, as it never happened. Witchcraft, I tell you!

But wait! This becomes even smarter as the longboard also syncs wirelessly with a smartphone and Q3’s integrated infotainment stack. It contacts your calendar and then synchronizes with your phone so that your car knows when your next visit will take place, and also takes into account real-time traffic data and weather conditions to determine whether it’s faster to ride or use this slippery longboard .

The system can also determine the most effective way for you to travel by finding a parking place that is in the acceptable range for a longboard.

Although Audi has not hinted at any inclinations as to whether this concept will reach production here.

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