Recalls: Tesla is calling back some 53,000 vehicles worldwide for a parking brake issue

Recalls: Tesla is calling back some 53,000 vehicles worldwide for a parking brake issue

What’s going on?

TechCrunch reports that Tesla is recalling approximately 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles worldwide for a parking brake that does not turn off. The problem applies only to cars manufactured between February and October 2016. The problem is the manufacturing defect of the small gear inside the parking brake assembly. The problem was indicated by a poorly made gear in the engine, thus causing the parking brake to remain stuck, stopping the vehicle.

The problem arose when several customers received alerts about the need to service the parking brake. As soon as this warning appeared, it confirmed the state of damage to the gearbox, preventing the brake from disengaging. Cars coming to the dealer on this issue have attracted Tesla’s attention. Later, they traced the problem to the problem lot supplied by Brembo.
Is it bad?
Not really. There are no reports of any injuries or accidents related to the recall. You just will be stranded until the car can be repaired. That said, it’s best to inquire with Tesla with your VIN number if to see if your car is affected.
Is there a fix?

Yes! Formal feedback will be filed with NHTSA and Tesla will notify customers as soon as possible. The fix reportedly takes about 35 minutes.

Due to the fact that the old Teslas has been on the road for several years, it will be interesting to see what their long-term maintenance needs are. Years of testing can repeat real situations. But the true test of the car, its durability and reliability comes from the fact that it is in the hands of private owners who use their cars daily. However, it will prove whether Teslas are long-lasting vehicles.

-Jack Wilson

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