Jaguar teases the latest long-roof variant of the latest XF sedan.

Jaguar teases the latest long-roof variant of the latest XF sedan.

What’s going on?

Europe has a habit of producing sweet versions of car cars that we already like in the USA. Here’s another example: the latest XF Sportbrake. Jaguar XF received a major overhaul not so long ago. Thus, it makes sense to create a Sportbrake variant with a long roof, which was supposed to appear in the newest and best XF. And it just teased at Wimbledon.

As with previous XF Sportbrake estates, the area is likely to be offshore due to low demand. Let’s also not forget, Jaguar is already selling the F-Pace crossover, which does not justify the cost of shipping resources for the XF Sportbrakes here.

In any case, we will still drool, because we are enthusiasts, like hot vans, because no one else does it.
What’s known about the new XF Sportbrake?

Not many official details have been spared. But he will obviously have much in common with the latest XF. This means the usual selection of Ingenium gasoline and diesel engines already offered on the XF sedan.

From one teaser released, the new XF Sportbrake comes with a huge panoramic roof that occupies most of the top structure. Then everything else is self-evident. As a modern Jaguar, we already know that it will look great.

-Jack Wilson

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