Increase Car Mileage in 5 Simple Steps

If you want to get the most out of your car in terms of fuel efficiency, follow these simple guidelines and immediately notice the increase in mileage or MPG (mpg) of your car. Drive at recommended speeds – driving at a constant recommended speed means less pressure on the brakes and fewer presses / releases with a throttle (accelerator). This is the key to fuel efficiency. Remember that in both cases, fuel consumption is greater, whether you are accelerating at low speeds using low gears or at high speeds with high gears. The key to peak mileage is maintaining constant vehicle speed in top gear by driving at speeds from 28 m / h (45 km / h) to 38 m / h (60 km / h) in the city and about 55 m / h (90) . km / h) on the highway. Maintain tire pressure between recommended levels. Pumped-up tires can reduce the mileage of your car by 5% per month. This is an indicative figure, given the amount of fuel that you can spend just because the tires on your car do not have the right pressure. Less tire pressure means increased rolling resistance and increased traction, which leads to an increase in power consumption and engine load, which drives the car due to more fuel. Check tire pressure at least once a month and maintain it within the recommended range to achieve the best mileage. Have your car serviced regularly. Plan your vehicle maintenance according to your driving and driving conditions and do it at regular intervals to service a well-tuned car. Changing and adjusting engine oil, minor repairs, lubrication and cleaning of the main parts of a car can significantly increase fuel efficiency. A well-kept car engine means less fuel consumption, better performance and less emissions. Limit use or air conditioning – use the car air conditioner sparingly, as it uses fuel to cool the interior of the car. Turn it off when not needed. If you are traveling in hot conditions, service the air conditioner regularly to keep it in peak condition. You can avoid using an air conditioner by always parking your vehicle in the shade. Plan your trip and Car-Pool – No other option can compare with this in terms of fuel efficiency. You definitely save fuel when you drive less. If you plan a trip before departure and travel to destinations on the shortest routes, you can save fuel and time. Car-Pooling is the modern man’s response to the fuel crisis and environmental degradation. If you have a group of people who travel on the same route as you, at about the same time of the day on your own vehicle, you can combine and travel on the same vehicle every day instead of using separate modes of transport. Typically, vehicles are distributed on a rotational basis. Thus, we can reduce the number of cars on the road at a time, save fuel and do a little for the environment. Now you know that the increased mileage of the car is only 5 steps.

-Jack Wilson

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