Check this before Going for a Long Drive

Do we not like to be distracted from everyday worries from time to time? Who would not want to leave worldly problems from time to time, turning off and diverting attention to the best things in life? Different people tear themselves away from the routine in different ways and enjoy peacetime away from the usual fuss. Some people like to spend quiet time at home, some like to have fun and let go of their hair, while others like to engage in recreational activities and sports. Then there are people like me who like to travel long distances and travel to different places to get away from it all. I enjoy going to distant places and spending time away from the place where I live and work. Traveling, as a rule, calms, and this experience is worth saving. But a long trip on your own vehicle can be very unpleasant if you left the house unprepared. By this, I mean that if your car does not withstand a long trip, you may be in a difficult position and be completely helpless in the wilderness. So, what preparation is needed before embarking on a long road trip? First, make sure that you are psychologically and physically prepared for the trip. If you do not want to travel, it is better to avoid any travel. In addition, it is always better to have a company going on a long journey. Thus, the trip is pleasant and practically speaking, you may need help if something goes wrong. Never travel long distances in your car unless you are convinced of the following: If your car has recently passed a comprehensive service check, you may not need to worry too much. If more than six months have passed since the last car service, you should first visit the mechanic.  In addition to the car service, you must make sure that you perform these basic checks to make sure that nothing is missing in your car. Check engine oil level and condition. In case the level is not optimal, you should add more engine oil before driving. If the engine oil is poor or dirty, be sure to replace all the oil. In this case, again it is better to visit the mechanic first. The same checks must be performed with other vehicle fluids. The level of brake oil, gear oil or gear oil and coolant or antifreeze must be monitored and changed or filled accordingly if necessary. In the case of brake fluid and coolant, make sure that the reservoir is filled to the recommended level. It is necessary to check the air pressure in the tires, and before sending, do not forget to take a suitable spare tire, tool box and car jack. Also, check the car battery and connections for loose ends. Make sure your car battery is charged at 12 volts by connecting a regular voltmeter to its two ends. Check all hoses, pipes, seals in your car and do not forget to inspect the drive belt of the engine of your car. If the belt is dry, apply a drop of engine oil to it so that it is wet and does not break. Make sure that your car’s wipers are operational and that there are no defective headlights, direction indicators or reversing lights. Also, be sure to take your first aid kit with you before setting off on a journey. It will also be convenient to carry destination plans, a mobile phone, a flashlight and a container. These days, you can even carry a navigation device or GPS (Global Positioning System) device if your car is not equipped with it. Make sure you have enough fuel in your car because you never know how far the next gas station can go. It is also advisable to have non-perishable foodstuffs along with an additional set of clothes and shoes. I also prefer wearing a matchbox, pocket knife, and my trusted baseball bat, but again, it’s just me.  In the end, be sure to bring your favorite music and camera with you so your memories are useful. Also, do not forget to always be sober and avoid driving if you are under the influence of alcohol.

-Jack Wilson

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