5 Signs to predict whether You will cause a Road Accident

Everything that happens in our life can be explained by two factors; God’s will and our own actions. Same thing with driving. Although we cannot predict what will happen to us on the road because everything depends on God, we can undoubtedly have an idea of ​​what will happen (good or bad) based on our driving habits. We do not need to study advanced sciences or astrology to predict our future, our behavior and attitude towards driving – this is a clear enough sign of prosperity or disaster. When it comes to driving, it’s easier to predict whether we can have a smooth ride throughout our lives or be involved in car crashes and car accidents. Based on only 5 signs, we can predict our future on the road. So what are these 5 signs, why are they so important and how do they predict the future of the driver? To begin with, aggressive driving is the mother of all the problems we face today on the road. Aggressive drivers should be limited to racetracks because they are completely undesirable on the roads. Most accidents are a direct result of aggressive, senseless and reckless driving. If you classify yourself as even remotely aggressive while driving, it’s time to rethink your driving habits before it’s too late. Some people have an uncontrolled desire for speeding for no apparent reason, and this will undoubtedly lead to the sad end of their or someone else’s life. When driving, patience is definitely a virtue. If you can avoid the first sign, you started well. Road rage is the next sign. If you explode in anger when someone abruptly stops your car in front of yours, you should consider this as a sure sign of rage on the road. I know so many people who scream and swear when the car ahead of them on the road moves slowly or maybe something is doing wrong. If someone overtakes your car incorrectly, it makes no sense to chase his car, overtake and make sure that your feelings are known to him. Instead, you can avoid situations that can be harmful if you move on. It is a fact that road rage leads to the first sign that we discussed. Along with patience, a little common sense is needed here. DUI or Driving under the influence or drunk driving is another threat that has caused serious road tragedies around the world. People drink, and then decide to drive a car. Honestly, this cannot be more suicidal than that. Alcohol worsens all 5 senses in people, and this is the main cause of all accidents in which drunk drivers are involved. If your feelings are disturbed, you cannot even cope with yourself, not to mention the vehicle. Again, speeding is a direct result of drinking alcohol, and then it all happens. If you have a constant habit of driving a car after you drink (no matter how much you drink), there is an absolute possibility that you will get into a car accident and even kill someone, possibly yourself. Most countries have strict laws prohibiting drunk driving, and even if you did not cause an accident, you can still be arrested and serve a long term in prison.  Avoid this vice and you will always travel safely. While driving, you must constantly monitor what is happening on the road. Your vehicle and everything around it on the road should be your only focus until you reach your goal. If you have a bad habit of talking on the phone while driving, and also when you hold the phone in one hand, this creates problems. Since your attention is distracted, and you are disabled, because your hand is connected with holding the phone, you are completely helpless in the event of an unexpected situation on the road.  If you repeat this habit again and again, there is a chance that this sign will tell you a sad future. Last but not least, sleep deprivation and daytime dreams, although this is not a frequent problem, still lead to road accidents. If you experience severe insomnia or lack of sleep or cannot sleep normally at night for 6-8 hours, it is recommended that you stay away from the driver’s seat. This is because sleep deprivation has the same effect as alcohol; impaired feelings. Another tip is to leave your emotional baggage at home before setting off. People who control with numerous thoughts clouding their minds are more likely to show reduced levels of concentration, which can lead to an accident or at least a shock. Stop dreaming, thinking about your work and troubles at home, or perhaps about your girlfriend, and you will be fine.  A little caution and some considerations regarding driving rules can prevent many accidents and car accidents on the road. If you take care of the basics of driving, you don’t need to worry too much on the road. But remember that even if you do everything right on the road, you can still be involved in road tragedy due to someone else’s negligence. In this case, is it not better to disseminate information and train other people in effective driving skills?

-Jack Wilson

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